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Yesterday we went on an adventure to Mexico city to see the Mexican Ballet.  We were by far the youngest people out of the group of 8 that we went with.  The trip was through the school and it was about and hour and 1/2 bus ride from Cuernavaca to Mexico city.

When we got there we walked to a restaurant that was crazy nice. It had two levels and all of the waitresses were wearing multicolored striped skirts.  We decided to opt out on eating there becasue it looked too expensive and went to a restaurant called Taco Inn. The food there was pretty good and realitively cheap.  Then we had a good hour to waste so we walked down one of the streets in Mexico city to the Zocalo which asheville’s equivalent of a zocalo would be where the vance monument is.

On the way back to the theatre we stopped in a bread shop and got cakes that were so so so so good. Elizabeth’s cake had a strawberry in it that was probably the size of her fist. Aaron’s had shaved white chocolate and peaches and yummy stuff on top and they were super cheap and we didn’t get sick. And then we went and looked at astroids that had landed in Mexico at various times through out history. 

Then it was time for the ballet and we walked into the theatre and it was the prettiest theatre I (Elizabeth) have ever seen in my life (and I’ve been in bunches and bunches of theatres). There was a stain glass landscape thing inplace of where the curtians usually go on the stage and there were murals above the stage and around the building.  It was one of those theaters that has individual boxes for people to sit on the sides of the theatre. It was soo georgous.

The ballet was also really really amazing. It wasn’t a normal ballet because it was called Ballet folklorico so it was made up of traditional mexican dances all from different time periods in the history of Mexico.  We watched about 12 different dances in the span of 2 hours. There was one dance where the dancers wore hats with what looked like fans on top of their heads.  The fans had a 6 foot span and there were probably 16 people on the stage all wearing these huge hats and spinning while trying to avoid hitting eachother.  There was also a dancer where two dancers tied a string in a bow with their feet and a dance where a guy lassoed the whole time.  His arms looked like they were getting really tired because he and a woman were standing inside of the whirling lasso the whole time while dancing.  The band was very very good especially the guy who played the harp.  He was playing crazy fast music but it didn’t really look like his hands were moving all that fast.  It was a good decision for us to go.

We’re trying to post pictures on this site as we can so you should go check them out. We can only post Aaron’s pictures because Elizabeth doesn’t have the cord that connects to  the computer, so it’s only half of our the pictures we’ve taken. We’re taking turns with cameras in order to cut back on the memory usage and to not have 700 duplicates of each picture.

This weekend we’re going back to Mexico city to go on tours and stuff we don’t know exactly what we’ll be doing there and then on sunday we think we’re going to a water park. It only cost 18 us dollars for a roundtrip bus ride there and admission to the park (at least that’s what we’ve been told). So we’ll be sure to update you on that once it happens.

Hasta Luego.

-Aaron and Elizabeth



  1. It’s amazing

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