Posted by: airchuck88 | June 16, 2008

El cumpleaños de Aaron y otras cosas

Hola to all.

We’re now in our second week here in Cuernavaca.  This weekend was very eventful.  On friday night we went to this crazy nice house somewhere in cuernavaca with some friends. They had a yard with grass (that’s how you know it’s nice because no one here has grass or yards).

Then on Saturday (Aaron’s birthday) we started out by going to Xochicalco which is a site where there are lots of pyramids and to ball courts where they played the game where whoever won was sacrificed.  Then we went into one of the pyramids where they do alot of astrological research. And then we looked at some hyrogliphics that told a story about Mayan calanders.  It was a little hard to take in all of the information because it was all in Spanish, and it’s hard to listen for a long period of time (for Elizabeth at least on the listening front in English and in Spanish).  We got to go to the top of one of the pyramids but Elizabeth doesn’t like heights so we had to go back down the pyramid pretty quickly.  It was really georgous outside that day and you could see for miles and miles.

Right after we left there we took at two hour bus ride to Las Estacas which is ‘where water is born’.  There’s a big spring there where the water comes out of and it’s incredibally clear water because it’s never been contaminated before. We were going to swim from the spring back to where one of our directors was but it turned out to be harder than we thought.  One of the members of our group doesn’t know how to swim but decided to get in the water anyways.  He almost drowned and Aaron had to go help our director get the boy out of the water so that no one died.  The rest of the day was no where near as eventful we just layed around and swam.  Then afterwards we went out to dinner at a restaurant called Marco Polo’s to celebrate Aaron’s birthday.

Yesterday (sunday) we went to the Catholic church for their mass. It was interesting, but hard to even try to understand what the priest was saying because he had a microphone and it echoed all throughout the church.  Then we went and walked around the down town area some and ate ice cream (Aaron had mango and he thought it was really good).  And then we went to Jardín Borda and got bit by lots of bugs, but it was really pretty with lots of plants.

We hope everyone is doing well.

-Aaron and Elizabeth



  1. We always enjoy hearing from you. Sounds like a great experience. No grass, that would get boring! Pappy is picking the cherries, birds are eating them and they are not really ripe yet, they are eating them through the net. Guess I’ll make a sour cherry pie with them. He put posts in around the garden this afternoon, we will put the fence up tomorrow. The deer are even pulling the tomato plants out. They are such a pain!
    Kate went to ‘camp’ yesterday. There was no camp, just a bus and a car there to pick them up. There are 12 kids, 6 girls and 6 boys. They kayak, then set up their tents and camp in the wild blue yonder. I’m sure she will enjoy it, though it definetely would not be my kind of fun!
    Tomas and a couple from Uruaguay will be coming late tonight and spending the night.
    Weather has been hot, to be in the 70’s the rest of the week.
    Hope Elizabeth’s father is doing O.K.
    Take care, Grammy

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